Urban and Suburban Deer Control

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Urban deer control has become an unavoidable problem. Deer are adaptable and intelligent, and like coyotes they have learned to live with modern humans very well and have moved into suburban and urban areas everywhere.

Deer are border creatures, and humans have created lots of perfect deer environment in cities and suburbs with golf courses, parks, yards, and gardens, and along highway right-of-ways.

Urban deer control seems to be an unsolvable controversy, and attempts to address the problems of deer control in cities and suburbs have generated more heat than light. Deer have become essentially trapped in many cities, and the deer population in towns and cities is increasing.

Public opinion concerning urban deer control varies widely. Recent suburban deer control discussion has grouped some very unusual allies. Hunters have become aligned with deer lovers in that they both want to maintain the deer population. Some people are feeding them, and others want to kill them legally.

Deterring Deer from Your Yard

Many repellents are available for deer control in yards and gardens, and they work to varying degrees. A deer training system that works very well for urban deer control and suburban deer control is the Wireless Deer Fence, a patented deer damage control device.

Having a large urban deer population is a very difficult challenge because there is no way to make everyone happy. Suburban deer control options are very limited. It seems the only viable solution is lethal population reduction, using bait and professional hunters with the venison being donated to food kitchens. Bow hunting is often suggested as an option to reduce the deer population, but people do not understand that often a deer shot by an arrow will run for miles before dropping.

Suburban deer are popular, but the damage they do is incredible, and the number of deer attacks on humans and pets is increasing. Because they are so popular they are a political “hot potato,” with nobody wanting to accept responsibility and initiate realistic urban deer control programs. Also, most local governments lack funding for deer management programs.

It is vital to educate people about the very real problems and costs associated with having large urban and suburban deer populations. We are not dealing with Bambi but a destructive and dangerous animal.

Testimonial from Marquette, MI

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