Innovative Deer Fence

Brought to you by The Wireless Deer Fence®

The exploding deer population and limited budgets have necessitated gardeners everywhere to use their imagination and the materials at hand to try and deter deer.

If you live in a coastal area old fishing nets might be available, these nets can be strung onto a variety of frames creating a unique deer fence that can be esthetically pleasing. Old tennis nets can also be used. Netting can be somewhat difficult to see through and deer won’t jump into an area if they cannot see their landing area.

If you live in the woods, an innovative deer fence that looks great is made by using various type branches held together with twine. However a hungry deer is very persistent, and any effective fence must be very strong.
An unusual deer fence made from old solid doors can be made to look very nice and be very effective because doors are tall and the deer can’t see their landing area. Old doors are often very cheap and available to make an unusual deer fence. With support posts, framing, and a coat of paint, a great deer fence can be had.

Freight pallets are plentiful, and they used to be free for the taking. Now you might have to pay a little for them in some areas. Pallets can be used to make a cheap, innovative deer fence. A pallet deer fence can be made from pallets standing up with a minimum of framing, and the boards can be variously painted to create an attractive, effective deer deterrent. With the pallets laying flat along a conventional fence, it will prevent deer from jumping the fence: deer don’t like to step into pallets.

Christmas tree icicles or fabric softener sheets on the wires have been described to make an ordinary fence more unusual and frightening to deer.

A very pretty and unique deer fence can be made from split bamboo, split cane, or reeds.

Gates for a homemade deer fence can be made from PVC pipe.

Alternative to Deer Fencing

The Wireless Deer Fence® works like a baited electric fence but without the wires. It can be used in areas where any type of deer fence is prohibited. The Wireless Deer Fence® violates no known restrictive covenants.

Testimonial from Farmerville, LA

Although we have only used the two stakes for 4 nights, they look like they have already made a difference. The first night I walked outside and saw a lot of deer running from where I had placed one of the stakes, and later I saw a few deer, but they remained a good distance from the stake.