Havahart Electronic Repellent for Deer™ vs. The Wireless Deer Fence® Deer Control System

There are two leading products that repel deer electrically without a wire fence: the Wireless Deer Fence® deer control system and the Havahart Electronic Repellent for Deer™ (HERD).

The Havahart Electronic Repellent for Deer™ and the Wireless Deer Fence® rely on the same principle: deer are attracted to a scent, sniff it, and receive a mild electric shock that trains them not to return to the area. However, that’s where the similarities end. The Wireless Deer Fence®:

  • Is more effective
  • Is more reliable, with sturdier design

Compare the Havahart® product with the Wireless Deer Fence®, Guaranteed Deer Control, on the chart below and you will see that the Wireless Deer Fence® deer deterrent is superior in every way to the Havahart Electronic Repellent for Deer™!
Order today; there’s no risk. If the Wireless Deer Fence® deer deterrent doesn’t control deer to your satisfaction for two years, just return the posts, and we’ll immediately refund the purchase price since you have our amazing 2 year guarantee!! Some Wireless Deer Fence post have been in service for over 10 years!

Product comparison

Wireless Deer Fence® Deer Repllent

  • 3 US patents, 1 Patent Pending
  • Registered trademark
  • Scent lasts a month or more
  • Scent is solid plastic tube
  • Scent will not spoil or rot, ever
  • Scent is self-contained
  • Scent is sweet, very pleasant
  • Posts are balanced, not top heavy
  • Posts are aesthetic, blend in
  • Better contact possibilities with deer
  • Small top, sheds snow and ice better
  • Dries quickly in rain
  • Electrodes won’t short between
  • Electrodes supported, won’t bend
  • No assembly
  • Same day shipping
  • 3 posts for $59.95

Havahart Electronic Repellent for Deer™

  • Havahart® product has one US patent
  • Trademark not registered
  • Havahart® scent lasts one week
  • Scent is liquid, drippy, messy
  • Scent requires a cotton ball
  • Scent rots if not changed, smells terrible
  • Scent is bland, not sweet
  • Posts are top heavy, clunky, fall over
  • Posts large, obtrusive, not aesthetic
  • Less likely deer will make contact
  • Broad top collects snow and ice
  • Top piece & cotton stay wet with rain
  • Electrodes easily bent to short
  • Electrodes not supported, bend
  • Price varies
  • Assembly required
  • Shipping varies