Deer Fence Options

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Deer fence is the best way to stop deer damage in areas where fences are allowed. Deer fencing can be a conventional fence or an electric fence, and an electric deer fence can be baited to help train deer to keep away.


A permanent woven-wire fence 7 feet tall that is staked down at the bottom provides the ultimate deer barrier, but this type of Deer fence is very expensive to build.

A high-tensile deer fence is effective provided it is tall enough. The bottom wire should be very near the ground with the upper wires spaced at 8-9 inch intervals. Bare wire or polytape can be used. This deer fence is also very expensive.

Using deer netting is labor intensive since it must moved throughout the season to keep the plants from growing through and deer can become entangled.

A slanted deer fence makes deer hesitant to jump over but it takes a lot of room.

TREE TUBES – Deer Fencing

Tree wraps or tubes around trees will reduce deer browsing and damage from antler rubbing. Commercial plastic wraps such as Tubex Tree Tubes are available. Hardware cloth or perforated plastic drain pipe can be used also but these materials are difficult to cut and handle. Chicken wire or plastic mesh available for deer protection can be wrapped around small trees.


A more economical method of excluding deer may be with an electric deer fence.

Electric deer fences should be constructed of polytape to be more visible to the deer. An electric deer fence still has to be very tall or the deer will easily jump over and the bottom wire must be very near the ground or the deer may crawl underneath.

Electric fence chargers can be very powerful, so the shock is an extremely adverse stimulus for the deer. If they touch the fence they quickly learn to avoid the fenced area.


An effective way to get the deer to touch the electric deer fence wires with their nose or tongue before they jump over or crawl under is to bait the deer fence with an attractant.


Peanut butter is a commonly used attractant for a baited electric deer fence.

Placing aluminum foil tents over the deer fence wire with peanut butter underneath is one way to bait the fence. Put these tents every several feet.

Also, using a slurry made from peanut butter and vegetable oil, the entire deer fence wire can be coated using a paint roller.

A peanut butter fence for deer can be a simple as a single electrified wire about 2 � feet high or it can be several strands.

The problem with using peanut butter is that it separates, molds, dries out and otherwise deteriorates and so it has to be replaced often. Another problem with using peanut butter to bait your fence is that it attracts many kinds of animals; dogs, cats, raccoons, possums, squirrels, birds, and insects, etc., each with its associated problems.


A bait for an electric deer fence that is attractive only to deer is the scented resin tubes that are supplied with the Wireless Deer Fence® deer repellent. These polyethylene tubes contain an artificial food scent and they can be attached to the electric fence wire using a piece of small gauge tinned copper wire available at Radio Shack These resin tubes are weatherproof and will not deteriorate. The scent pieces need to be replaced only every month or so.

When a deer is shocked it associates the artificial scent used on the baited electric deer fence with the pain of the shock and they will not come back when they smell the scent of the deer fence.


Of course, our recommendation for a deer fence is the Wireless Deer Fence® deer control system. Instead of buying and stringing hundreds of feet of wide fencing, you work only with small stakes. Just walk around the area to be protected and insert the sharp end of each stake into the ground. Then, during seasons when deer might damage your plants, you change the small scented lures about once a month, and annually you replace the two AA batteries in each unit.

Once you try the Wireless Deer Fence® deer control system, we guarantee that you will find that for most applications it’s the best deer fence.


Sources for conventional deer fence and deer mesh

Benners Gardens – Deer fence and deer fencing kits designed to keep deer out of gardens and yards of all sizes; deer fence accessories, including posts, wire, and plastic deer mesh.

Deer Busters – Plastic deer mesh and accessories, ultrasonic deer repellents, scent repellents, and spray-on repellents.

Deer Fence – Woven-wire deer fencing, poly deer fence and mesh, and baited electric deer fence, including all electric fence accessories “deer pops” bait stations, and liquid lure to entice deer to touch an electric fence wire.

Sources for tree tubes & tree wraps

Tree Pro – Excellent source for well-designed tree protectors and tree shelters to protect from deer damage.

Gardening Know-How – Methods for protecting trees and shrubs, including homemade deer tree wraps made from chicken wire, woven-wire fencing, mesh wraps, or plastic pipe. Tubex tree shelters for deer are available from Forestry Suppliers and Tree Essentialss.

Sources for electric deer fencing – Electric fence for deer, deer fence supplies and accessories, and electric deer fence kits.

West Virginia University Deer Control Study – Deer fence designs for deer control in home gardens.

Wireless Deer Fence® Deer Deterrent – Wireless electric deer fence baited to get the deer to touch the electrified posts.

Sources for baited electric deer fence

Deer Busters Electric Fencing – Electric deer fence and deer fencing kits, including deer bait to attract deer to touch the wires.

Deer-Departed Electric Fencing – Excellent discussion of deer fence and deer fencing possibilities and other good information about deer.

Wireless Deer Fence® Deer Deterrent – The Wireless Deer Fence® is a patented deer repellent that is guaranteed to provide effective deer control in your yard and garden. The Wireless Deer Fence® works like a baited electric fence but without the wires. – All electric fence accessories, “deer pops” bait stations, and liquid lure to entice deer to touch an electric fence wire.

Sources for peanut butter fence for deer

ICWDM Deer Handbook – Discussion about many aspects of deer and deer control, including making a peanut butter fence for deer.

Source for scented resin tubes to bait a deer fence

Wireless Deer Fence® Patented Deer Repellent System – A wireless deer fence system that uses an artificial peanut butter scent to attract deer to touch a post.