Deer Attacks

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Deer attacks on humans and pets have become so commonplace as to elicit many recent official warnings that people treat them like the dangerous wildlife that they are. There are not good statistics on the number of deer attacks because many are not reported.

Many people do not understand that deer are not like Bambi. Although deer generally are docile and timid animals that do not attack humans, the deer population explosion, due to human activity, has greatly increased deer-human contact. In addition deer have been forced to live in close proximity to humans and as a result they have lost their fear and become more aggressive toward humans, especially when feeling they or their young might be threatened.

With the ubiquity of phone cameras, the Internet abounds with disturbing video of deer violently attacking people and pets.

Avoiding Deer Attacks

Prevention is the best medicine. Recognize a dangerous situation and change it. Immediately move away when deer are around. Take cover to avoid confrontation. Deer can appear to be peaceful, and then when you try to feed them, suddenly rise up and strike you with their front hooves. Your attitude can provoke a deer in rut or a doe with fawns. Deer are territorial during these times. If you turn away and retreat, an attack is much less likely than if you stand your ground or move toward the deer. If all else fails you can puff yourself up to look bigger and shout.

Safeguarding Your Yard

To keep deer or moose from treating your yard as their own and becoming territorial, you can train them to stay away without building a fence. The Wireless Deer Fence® and the Wireless Moose Fence™ are designed to keep deer and moose out of your yard and garden.

Surviving a Deer Attack

If you still are attacked, try and protect your head and face. If possible grab the antlers or front legs.

Moose Attacks

Moose, in the same family as deer, also attack people and pets on a regular basis in the northern United States and Canada. Although moose appear to be slow and gentle, they easily feel threatened and can be very fast. Moose are very dangerous, with some weighing more than 1,500 pounds. Moose are easily provoked. Like deer, moose are most dangerous in the spring and fall. Moose attacks result in an average of two human deaths per year.

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