Thanks, so much. I’m sure you would be pleased to know a bit more about our apparent success in using these units. We live in a residential area in Syracuse, NY. Our vegetable garden takes up most of our front yard.

We purchased the Wireless Deer Fence® because every year we would lose veggies to the deer. Because the garden is in the front of the house, we didn’t want to put up anything unsightly [as a] barrier, but it was getting harder to find the motivation to plant a garden that might be decimated.

This year, my wife, who is the primary gardener, refused to start the garden unless we could figure out how to repel the deer. After some research, and despite the cost, we decided to purchase 6 units.

So far, so good. We have seen deer in our driveway, right next to the garden, have seen other evidence of them being there, and have found some damage to some of the plants just outside the area we are protecting.

But the best evidence that they are working is that other gardeners in the area report that they have been having significant deer trouble this year.

So, thanks.