I am always skeptical about “testimonials” but … now I find myself leaving one also. We live in the mountains in NW Montana and are at times overrun by deer. My wife works very hard to create a beautiful garden and has had difficulty with deer invading the garden and helping themselves to her beautiful flowers and vegetables. That is until we discovered your product. I was very skeptical about the effectiveness of the Wireless Deer Fence®, but they WORK. They actually work. The only problem we have had is where we don’t have effective coverage with the fencing. Hence my order for three more this evening. The production of your outstanding product has allowed us to enjoy my wife’s garden in full bloom.

I was happily surprised to see that my husband had written you. As the gardener in the family, let me say that the deer had gotten me almost homicidal (or would that be ‘deercidal’?). Your Wireless Deer Fence® has changed everything. For the first time ever, I was able to grow the most beautiful gladiolas and rejoice in their splendor! I can’t thank you enough.