Let me start by saying how exited we are about your product! For years we have been trying everything to deter the deer from eating our garden. For the first time our peas bloomed and produced without being trimmed by deer. For the first time we have all our original tomato plants still growing. For the first time our hostas have matured without being mowed off. And the growing bean plants have not been touched. We watched with glee just the other day as a deer was shocked at the corner of the garden. We still see deer in our backyard, but they do not come close to the things protected by the Wireless Deer Fence®. Your product is all that you say it is. We were skeptical but ready to try anything. It was a big reason my wife wanted to move since gardening is a great love of hers and she was so depressed when the deer ate up her hard work!!! Now we don’t have to move.