I just completed an order for a package of stakes. We have used them since at least 2008, and they are outstanding. In fact, hope you don’t mind but just recommended them to the local garden column in the Nashville, TN, paper.

We live on the edge of Franklin, with a huge field behind our home. We also have a lot of knockout roses, which seem to attract deer. Incidentally we keep salt blocks out in the field for the deer. About 4 years ago we saw a demonstration at the Williamson Ag center of a Wireless Deer Fence®. Doubted it would work and literally drove home to find deer in our yard, eating our roses. We bought the deer stakes and have had no more problems with deer.

A lot of products make promises or are temporary fixes that you have to keep spraying or adding to get them to work or worse are a danger to kids or family. These stakes not only work but last for years. We had one stake get water in it, and they replaced it even though it was out of warranty. The device is battery operated and the batteries last a season. I have backed into the stakes with my legs and been shocked, but it only gets your attention and doesn’t hurt you.

Suggest you review their site www.wirelessdeerfence.com and have a reader who has deer problems try the product. Be certain to watch their video.