From Clarks Summit, PA:

“I bought your deer fence three weeks ago but now I don’t have deer so I am returning them.”

The Wireless Deer Fence® deer repellent system has been tested by Garden Gate® magazine in its house gardens and is featured in the “What’s New” column, Issue 41, October 2001:

“It seems that gardeners everywhere have deer using their gardens as buffet lines. Here at Garden Gate, we were thrilled to find the Wireless Deer Fence® was effective in our garden. Each post has a scent reservoir with scented pellets that are attractive to deer. When deer investigate, they receive a small electric shock. …with the Wireless Deer Fence® in place this spring, our tulips actually bloomed! Powered by two AA batteries, the shock is humane but strong enough to startle the hungry deer.”

Copyright 2001, August Home Publishing Co. Reprinted with permission.

The Wireless Deer Fence® deer control system has also been tested by Mike McGrath from Your Bet Your Garden on WHYY:

“I’ve personally had very good results with the Wireless Deer Fence®. As with an electric fence, shocked deer remember their bad experience at your place and eat someone else’s tulips and azaleas.”

Here are more unsolicited testimonials from happy Wireless Deer Fence® deer repellent customers: