Deer Peanut Butter Fence

Brought to you by The Wireless Deer Fence®

A peanut butter fence may sound like deer nirvana, but when combined with an electric shock delivered through a commercial fence charger, a peanut butter fence can teach deer to stay away from valuable gardens and trees.

Baited electric fences have been an option for deterring deer for many years, but the simplest type – the peanut butter fence – actually dates back to the late 1970s. Basically, a peanut butter electric fence consists of a metal wire suspended from fiberglass stakes, surrounding up to 3 to 4 acres, and electrified with a grounded commercial fence charger. At approximately every three feet along the wire, a foil strip laced with peanut butter provides bait to attract deer. Vegetation should be cleared within 10 feet beyond the outside of the fence in order that the deer will be able to see the wire and flags. When the deer touch the wire(s), they receive an electric shock and learn to stay away from the area.

Effective Deer Control

The Wireless Deer Fence® is a patented deer control system that functions much like a baited electric fence, but without the wires and upkeep. It is also much easier to install and maintain. When a deer encounters a Wireless Deer Fence® post, it receives a shock on the nose, and it learns to avoid the area where they have been shocked.

Peanut butter fences are more effective than no fencing and are the most inexpensive form of baited electric fencing. However, they do require maintenance-the peanut butter must be re-applied every few weeks, and fast-growing weeds and snow may cause the wire to become grounded, preventing the deer from receiving a shock. Peanut butter fence s also work best in areas with a relatively light deer presence and in areas that will be checked frequently because deer may knock down the fence.

Peanut butter fence s are not meant to be physical barriers to deer, but rather psychological barriers. The deer, attracted by the peanut butter, experience the shock and learn to stay away from the area.

Testimonial from Manakin Sabot, VA

This product works extremely well: no more damage to trees after installing your product. We have security cameras and watched deer doing back flips after sniffing the device. Your product has saved us $1500 by preventing damage to trees we had to replace due to deer damage. 100% satisfied with your product.

I have told everyone that has experienced deer damage to buy your product.