Deer Overpopulation

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Deer overpopulation is a growing problem. This is a discussion of the serious effects of deer overpopulation. Deer populations are no longer held in check by their natural predators, and humans are creating perfect deer habitat in yards, parks, and golf courses and along highways. And we are feeding them well with a huge variety of domestic and agricultural plants.

Deer Overpopulation Facts

Today there are more than 20 million deer in the U.S. The damage is becoming so severe that it cannot be ignored any longer. Political leaders shirk this responsibility for fear of offending the animal rights component of their constituency.

Deer Overpopulation Control

Deer population control has been very slow to be instituted in the U.S. This is primarily due to political reluctance to deal with the problem. The Bambi story has retarded deer population control policies by making deer control programs a political minefield.

Sport Hunting and Deer Overpopulation

Hunters maintain that sport hunting is necessary to maintain the deer population at a compromise level. PETA objects to this rationale, saying that hunting increases the deer population and that the industry is blood thirsty and profit driven and that hunting is unnecessary. The debate rages on.

Logging Practices and Deer Overpopulation

Clear cutting forests, a commonly practiced logging technique, is creating vast amounts of perfect deer habitat. Instituting careful, selective logging practices would not create the open areas that deer love to browse.

Economic Toll of Deer Overpopulation

State Farm Insurance paid $3.8 billion in one year for deer damage claims. This staggering figure is another reason why the social and political impediments to a comprehensive deer control plan must be overcome.

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