Common-Sense Deer Control

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Common-sense deer control programs are mostly lacking in the United States. The emotion surrounding deer control has overshadowed any chance of a scientific, reason-based deer control plan in most areas. The policies for deer population control are dictated by hunters and animal rights people, neither of whom should be the policy makers.

Deer Control and Bambi

The story of Bambi has done more to upset the natural levels of deer in our country than any other factor by destroying common-sense deer control and causing policy to be influenced away from science and reason-based programs. Although it is painful, animal rights people must accept that the deer population is at unnatural, unsustainable levels and their misplaced compassion should be directed at the other creatures and plants that are being destroyed by human-created deer overpopulation.

People don’t seem to realize that Bambi is fictional. Their unrealistic sympathy for Bambi should be directed toward the thousands of people injured every year by deer colliding with cars. They should also be sympathetic toward everyone who is hurt by deer and realize deer damage is a significant drain on the entire US economy. The figures are staggering.

Deer Control and Hunting

Common-sense deer control with hunting is a joke. Only now, reluctantly it seems, are game laws changing to allow and encourage taking antlerless deer. A few bucks can service a lot of does, so until the doe population is severely reduced the problem will continue to grow.

Common-sense deer control has been stymied by a strange, short-term alliance between hunters and animal rights people. For different reasons, both want to maintain the deer population.

Common-sense deer control through public education and science-based population reduction programs are the solution to the deer overpopulation problem.

Testimonial from Williamsville, NY

I have 3 of your products and they exceeded my expectations. In the past I’ve used liquid products to varying degrees of success and failure.

As we all know, deer like tulips. It’s often referred to as ‘deer candy.’ This year is the first time in over 3 years that we’ve seen the full bloom cycle of our tulips. Your product protected the tulips from the deer.