Benner's Gardens Plastic Deer Mesh
The Wireless Deer Fence® Deer Repellent


A new, patented, trademarked, wireless, guaranteed, electrical deer repellent and training system that repels and trains deer electrically without actual deer fencing or wires or mesh.


An ordinary plastic deer mesh sold by Benner’s Gardens. The Benner’s Gardens deer mesh has all the problems and dangers associated with using any type of plastic deer mesh for deer damage control. Benner’s Gardens deer mesh is not wireless — the wires are just made of plastic!! Benner’s Gardens plastic deer mesh is like any other deer mesh (See Chart Below).


The real Wireless Deer Fence® deer repellent is a totally unique training system for controlling deer. When the deer are attracted to a sweet scent and touch a post, they receive a mild electric shock on the nose that trains them not to return to the area where they smell the posts. There are no wires to compromise the beauty of your property. There is not a mesh to entangle the deer or your plants or your mower or to trip the neighbor.
The Real Wireless Deer Fence® deer deterrent system is:

  • The most effective deer training system ever invented
  • Very reliable, with sturdy aesthetic design
  • Unconditionally guaranteed to control the deer on your property
  • A very humane deer training system invented by a veterinarian

Below you can compare these two products side by side, and you’ll see that the Wireless Deer Fence® deer training system is superior!

Product comparison

For Informational Purposes Only.

Wireless Deer Fence® Deer Repllent

  • Two US patents, one US Patent pending
  • WDF has no wires, no mesh, no problems
  • Doesn’t violate any known restrictive covenants
  • Guaranteed deer control, 2 years to try it
  • Unconditionally guaranteed
  • Deer repellent, they leave area
  • Deer training system, they stay away
  • Posts are balanced, not top heavy
  • Posts are aesthetic, blend in
  • No extra support required
  • No tangling mesh or wires
  • Lasts year after year
  • Very safe (see safety page)
  • No assembly. Just put in 2 AA Batteries
  • Does not block access to plants, easy to move
  • Wireless Deer Fence® does not block your
    yard for mowing
  • Does not collect snow
  • Humane deer training technique
  • Environmentally friendly, batteries last a year
  • Low visibility to humans, highly visible to deer
  • Just push the little stakes into the ground
  • A few Wireless Deer Fence® posts cover a
    large area
  • Made in USA, some parts from other countries
  • Shock + smell of post = learning
  • Wireless Deer Fence® posts weigh 6 ounces
  • Digging sometimes required for installation
  • No patents
  • Benner’s Gardens mesh is the same as any other plastic mesh
  • Benners Gardens mesh violates restrictive covenants in many places
  • Benners Garden 30 day unused material returns only
  • Some Benner’s Gardens parts not ever returnable
  • Physical barrier only, deer stay around, they keep trying
  • Doesn’t train deer, they keep trying to go under, over, or through
  • Benners Gardens deer mesh blows over and falls over
  • Mesh is ugly, obtrusive, not aesthetic
  • Needs posts or your plants for support
  • Becomes tangled in your plants, must be pulled loose or cut, damages plants
  • Must be replaced frequently due to weathering, tangles and tears
  • Not safe when a deer runs into it and gets caught!
  • Assembly required with Benner’s Gardens mesh, posts, fasteners
  • Very difficult to move for pruning and other activities
  • Can block access to large areas of your yard
  • Benners Gardensmesh collects snow
  • Not humane when the deer is entangled
  • Mesh must be replaced periodically due to sun damage, tears, etc.
  • Designed to be invisible, deer can’t see it, run into it
  • Benners Gardenis expensive to cover a large area
  • Made in Italy and ??
  • No shock = no training = no learning
  • Benner’s Gardens rolls of plastic deer mesh are very heavy