Worlds Most Effective Deer Repellent

The Wireless Deer Fence

Wireless Deer Fence®

Guaranteed Deer Control®

The Wireless Deer Fence® deer repellent is a unique patented deer control method
for preventing deer damage in your yard and garden

The Wireless Deer Fence Deer Is A Deer Training System

The Wireless Deer Fence® creates an effective psychological barrier for deer around your yard and garden!

Wireless Deer Fence Deer Repellent Is Proven Deer Damage Control Across The World — Since 1999.

The Wireless Deer Fence deer repellent is a deer damage control system has been field tested since 1996. More than 185,000 wireless deer fencing posts have been sold to over 26,000 happy customers since 1999. The Wireless Deer Fence deer repellent has been sold to all 50 states and also to every province in Canada, all over Europe, and to Japan, South Korea, and Australia, see testimonials. The Wireless Deer Fence® has been proven to work on all kinds of deer all over the world, providing unbeatable deer control with outstanding results! Want to learn more? Check out our Deer Repellent Page.


Negative Reinforcement Conditioning Keeps Deer Out

The Wireless Deer Fence is a deer training system. When a deer is attracted by the sweet smell of the post it will touch the post and it will receive a startling shock on its very sensitive nose or tongue. The deer thereafter strongly associates the sweet smell of the post with the painful shock, and it is instantly and permanently trained to keep out of your yard and garden! The Wireless Deer Fence works like a baited electric fence, but without any wires! How the Wireless Deer Fence deer deterrent works.


Wireless Deer Fence Components

The Wireless Deer Fence deer control method consists of individual posts that are placed in your yard and garden wherever the deer are most likely to find them. Each Wireless Deer Fence post contains a charging circuit, electrodes, and a sweet artificial food scent to attract the deer to touch a post.


Wireless Deer Fence: Eco-Friendly Deer Deterrent

The Wireless Deer Fence deer repellent system is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly deer deterrent system; no sprays, no toxic chemicals, no smelly stuff, no disgusting stuff. The Wireless Deer Fence® posts smell good. The Wireless Deer Fence operates silently and efficiently to protect your yard and garden. Providing deer damage control from all kinds of deer. The battery life is six months.


Wireless Deer Fence 2 Year Guarantee

The Wireless Deer Fence is unconditionally guaranteed to provide effective deer control. Get rid of deer in your yard and garden with the Wireless Deer Fence deer repellent! If the Wireless Deer Fence does not provide deer control to your satisfaction, return the posts within two years and we will immediately refund your purchase price.


The Wireless Deer Fence Deer Repellent is Safe And Humane

The Wireless Deer Fence deer repellent was invented and designed by a veterinarian to be safe for the target deer and for any accidental victims. The Wireless Deer Fence delivers a startling shock but only a very small amount of current.


The Wireless Deer Fence Deer Repellent Is Easy to Use

Just insert batteries and the scent piece and position the individual Wireless Deer Fence posts where the deer will most likely find them, around plants that deer like and on deer paths into your yard or garden.


The Wireless Deer Fence Deer Repellent Is Attractive

The simple design and natural green color of the Wireless Deer Fence posts blend into your landscaping with minimal visual impact. The Wireless Deer Fence deer deterrent looks good, with no wires or deer fencing to compromise the beauty of your yard and garden. Product Description


How Many Wireless Deer Fence Deer Repellent Posts Do You Need?

Put a Wireless Deer Fence post wherever you think a deer will find it. Find details on our How To Use page.


Price Of The Wireless Deer Fence Deer Repellent

There are 3 Wireless Deer Fence deer posts and a one-year supply of attractant in each box for USD 59.95 plus exact postage. Order page.

The Wireless Deer Fence deer repellent is also effective for moose!

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